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Babes In Toyland 1959 "Dandie" Plant Jr. High

Brigadoon 1964 "chorus" East Hartford High

New Girl In Town 1964 "waiter" Windsor Jesters

Finian’s Rainbow 1965 "Senator Billboard Rawkins" E.H. Summer Youth Festival

Bye Bye Birdie 1966 "Conrad Birdie" E.H. Summer Youth Festival

The Silver Cord 1971 "David" CCSU

Marat/Sade 1971 "Coulmier" CCSU

Oklahoma 1971 "Jud Fry" E.H. Summer Youth Festival

Anything Goes 1971 "Whitney" CCSU

The Lower Depths 1971 "Actor" CCSU

Archy & Mehitabel 1972 "the reporter" CCSU

My Sister Eileen 1972 "Frank Lippencott" CCSU

Adaptation/Next 19723 "Phil Benson" CCSU

What The Butler Saw 1972 "Dr. Prentice" CCSU

Of Thee I Sing 1972 "Louis Lippman" CCSU

Hamlet 1972 "Hamlet" CCSU

The Red Shirt 1972 "Wilson" CCSU

Live Spelled Backwards 1973 "Most famous playwright of our times" CCSU

  1. 1975 "Richard Henry Lee" New Britain Rep

Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone? 1975 "Tommy Flowers" CCSU

Fiddler On The Roof 1975 "The fiddler" CCSU

Mame 1975 "Uncle Jeff" New Britain Rep

The Boys In The Band 1976 "Micheal" HITW

Bacchae 1976 "Dionysus" HITW

Arsenic And Old Lace 1976 "Mortimer" New Britain Rep

The Hypochondriac 1977 "Beralde" HITW

Jesus Christ Superstar 1977 "apostle" Rocky Hill Theater Guild

The Time Of Your Life 1977 "Harry" HITW

That Championship Season 1978 "James" HITW

Hot L Baltimore 1978 "Bill" HITW

Six Rms Riv Vu 1978 "Paul Friedman" New Britain Rep

Detective Story 1985 "charlie" HITW

The Seagull 1986 "Konstantin" HITW

Crimes Of The Heart 1986 "Doc" New Britain Rep

The Petrified Forest 1987 "Alan Squier" HITW

Happy Birthday, Wanda June 1988 "Harold Ryan" HITW

Stalag 17 1989 "Reed" HITW

Casablanca 1989 "Louis Renalt" HITW

Nuts 1990 "Dr Rosenthal" New Britain Rep

The Devil’s Deciple 1991 "Mr Anderson" HITW

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight 1991 "Greg Sanderson" New Britain Rep

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 1991 "Grandpa Joe" HITW

Not With My Daughter 1992 "Will Gray" New Britain Rep

Macbeth 1992 "Captain" HITW

Hot Summer Gumbo 1992 "Riff Raff" HITW

The Time Of Your Life 1992 "Joe" HITW

Peter Pratt 1992 "Sancho Vargas" HITW

The Heidi Chronicles 1993 "Scoop Rosenbaum" Producing Guild

Jesus Christ Superstar 1993 "priest" HITW

Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge 1993 "Jacob Marley" HITW

The Hostage 1994 "IRA man" Producing Guild

The Devils 1995 "Father Barre" HITW

The Nerd 1996 "Warnock Waldgrave" The Theater District

The Year Of The Hiker 1996 "Michael Lacey" HITW

Our Town 1996 "Mr. Webb" New Britain Rep

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 1997 "Dr. Spivey" Ct Heritage Productions

A Thousand Clowns 1997 "Arnold Burns" City Rep

The Great American Breakdown 1997 "father" N.E.Actors Theater

See 43 Down 1998 "Mr. Roth" Oddfellow Playhouse

Gottenyu 1998 "prisoner" Bagel Fish Films

Bite Sized Pieces 1998 "The Pictureman" HITW

The Elephant Man 1998 "Lord John" HITW

Nightwatch 1998 "John Wheeler" New Britain Rep

Misery Loves Company 1999 "Philip" Oddfellow’s Playhouse

Kiss Of The Spider Woman 1999 "prisoner" Producing Guild

Revenge Of The Little People 2000 "Mr. Lancing" Oddfellow’s Playhouse

Comedy Of Errors 2000 "Egeon, Balthazar" HITW

The Proposal 2000 "Chubukov" Ct Heritage Productions

The Wedding Reception 2000 "Zhigalov" Ct Heritage Productions

Masterpieces 2001 "rev. Patrict Bronte" HITW

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2001 "Theseus" HITW

Equus 2001 "Frank Strang" HITW

Never the Sinner 2001 "Clarence Darrow" HITW